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We are ready to serve and you are welcome to experience our informed efforts. We recently went operational and are already considered a comfortable hotel in Thamel, Kathmandu for simple reasons: good night’s sleep, quality food and drinks, some personal space outside the room, travel advice of value, and our overall treatment of the guests.

We maintain that a good night’s sleep matters to almost all travellers who choose a hotel for accommodation. In a bustling Thamel which sees night life past midnight, noise can be a problem. Not at Hotel Sapana Garden, though. We still enjoy peaceful nights despite our ideal location, arguably, the best area in Thamel. Beside the level of noise at an acceptable level, a good night’s sleep also requires the assistance of selected condiments, we admit. Our newly designed and furnished rooms, therefore, have been carefully crafted, especially, with today’s travellers in view. The aim is to facilitate comfort, whether your intention is to go for sleep or just to take a nap.

While comfortable sleep does matter, a stay at a hotel is certainly more for today’s travellers. Food and drinks, for instance, matter to many of us. Our garden restaurant does more than its fair share of job in this department. The services of Sapana Garden Restaurant spread beyond the garden itself. Beside the garden, you can place your orders to be served at your room or the balconies or the lobby or the roof top. Our kitchen staff under chef … remain happy to prepare and serve you with food and drinks that, we believe, will appeal to your palates.

One more service of worth you have access to at Sapana Garden Hotel is the Free Travel Advice service. Our personnel at the Travel Desk are well equipped and more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your travel in Nepal. Trekking, mountaineering and tours of cities, villages and heritage sites are some popular activities among those looking for trips in Nepal. You can feel free to make enquires of relevance to you.

If you feel that these reasons match your kind of hotel, book a room for the pick up from the airport or just come to our reception. And remember, at Hotel Sapana Garden, you are entitled to good night’s sleep, quality food and drinks, travel advice of value, some personal space outside the room and our hospitality people already talk about. You’re Welcome to our facility.

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