Free Travel Advice

What to see and do in Nepal? Where to go? When to go? How to go? Is there any requirement? Is there anything to be aware of? … All your questions matter and we have done the homework. Nepal, after all, is a country that allures hundreds of thousands year after year. Trekking, of course, tops the overall list of numbers; but equally popular are mountaineering, rafting, jungle safari and the tours of cities, villages and heritage sites. Many also find solace in spending longer time by volunteering or living locally, directed by personal motivations. With acknowledgement of all motivations, our Free Travel Advice service is both for informing you about the options available to you and for presenting you with important travel tips that best match your travel style, budget, and other considerations. The aim is to assist you in taking informed decisions.

You might find it worthwhile to note that our local personnel at the Travel Advice Desk are well-informed to assist you with information necessary. Ready at disposal are details of Tours you might be interested in, along with itinerary suggestions and maps, information on transportation options available to you for the purpose if necessary, availability of the types of accommodation if you intended to travel some distance, about food and drinks and seasons. All you need to do is go talk, mention your preferences and style of travel.