Prime Location

We are a hotel in Thamel, the most popular location of choice for accommodation in Kathmandu, the capital city, especially, among international travellers to Nepal. Thamel, one has to agree, is ideally located. While the famous Kathmandu Durbar Square in just a stone’s throw away, around twenty minute’s walk, all the popular heritage sights of cultural and/or historic significance in Kathmandu and Patan (the Monkey’s Temple, Budanilkantha, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, and Patan Durbar Square) are only between 3 to 9 kilometres away. Further, Thamel’s close proximity to the major local markets such as Ason and Indrachowk to the South and the posh Durbar Marg to the East presents that opportunity for a peak into the ways of the locals belonging to different socioeconomic strata.

No wonder, Thamel attracts thousands each year and , today, is amply equipped to cater to the needs of most travellers. The place houses many hotels, restaurants, shops, money changers, cargo services, rentals, and tour operators among others. We are also one of the hotels in this Prime Location.

But, how does the location of Hotel Sapana Garden stand out even in Thamel? What must be remembered is that Thamel is a busy, lively place that remains active until late at night and starts early in the morning. Noise at night can be a problem. However, the area of Thamel we are operational in is considered, arguably, the best part for running a hotel these days, owing largely to the negligible level of noise the immediate surrounding environment produces. especially, at night. In other words, we are located ideally in the heart of Thamel but still can promise you a peaceful night’s sleep.