Hospitality Par Excellence

You are a guest entitled to the best of our services in an environment where you feel comfortable, relaxed. Of course, how you are welcomed for the first time and greeted thereafter matters. However, hospitality, for us, is more. The key to hospitality in hotel management, we believe, rests in the team’s efforts in striking a comforting balance in the overall atmosphere. While the state of the rooms matters, so does the quality of food and drinks served. While personal space is important, so are the areas outside of the rooms. While your laundry receives is due care, so do your enquires for local information. In other words, to us, your overall comfort and ease that shape your experience with us matters.

Desire alone, however, would certainly be grossly inadequate. With roles and responsibilities clearly defined, our members of the staff, together with the management, therefore, put in the required amount of care with a view to making your stay a worthwhile experience, whether it’s your first time with us or we are your choice frequently.

All in all, we strive for as close a match as possible in what you receive and what we promise. Of significance to us are those smiles, when you arrive and when you depart.