About Us

We are New and Experienced. Operational only since 5th October 2018, Hotel Sapana Garden is a new establishment. The design and furnishing of all our spaces, from the rooms to the lobby as well as the garden, are based around current trends and fresh ideas. As a consequence, we have been able to focus on comfort and ambiance of the rooms as per today’s expectations. We have also been able to set the lobby and work the garden restaurant with the same intent. Further. our Free Travel Advice Service is sufficiently equipped with informed personnel for enquires related to tours in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Overall, the amenities at your disposal at our facility are more likely to please you than otherwise.

Moreover, this new undertaking is not a whimsical venture. It’s a planned unit backed up by a team with adequate on the field experience and study (both ongoing practices). For instance, not only do all the members of staff clearly understand their respective roles and responsibilities but are also aware of the relationships between different departments such as house-keeping, reception and Travel Advice. In other words, everyone in Sapana Garden Hotel Team is aware of the need for all departments to work in sync in order for all to collectively inject Life in the overall atmosphere.

One good thing is, people are already talking about us and you are also welcome.